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Keyword Analysis

SeoRep allows you to generate lists of related keywords, along with data on their search volume, competition.

Content Strategy

Maximize organic traffic opportunities and stay on track when it comes to content creation.

Backlink Analysis

Analyzing your site's backlinks helps you determine the impact of the links on your search engine rankings.

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Advanced SEO Strategies

SeoRep offers advanced analysis tools, Ctr analysis by keyword type, and the ability to predict traffic based on factors such as keyword search volumes and Ctr by keyword type and Serp position.

CTR Seo Analysis SeoRep

CTR Analysis

SeoRep provides data on the number of clicks a website or web page receives, as well as the overall impressions (the number of times the page appears in the search results). By analyzing this data based on the ranking position of the website or web page, you can understand how well it is performing in the search results and identify any trends or patterns.

By Position

Find out in the CTR Trends report where you can compare the CTR for your own keywords to the global average, for all types of SERPs features.

By Tail

We’ve broken down the CTR curve into four sections, for keywords containing 1 word, 2 words, 3 words, and 4 words.

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Forecast Analysis

Prediction analysis in the context of search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of predicting and analyzing the future performance of a site or web page in terms of search engine rankings and traffic.

This can be done through the use of various tools and techniques, such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and data analytics. The goal of predictive analytics is to inform and guide SEO strategy, enabling marketers and website owners to make informed decisions about how to optimize their sites and content to achieve their goals

SeoRep enables the identification of keyword optimization opportunities, the prediction of the impact of algorithm updates, and the prediction of the success of new content or campaigns.

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Forecast Seo Analysis SeoRep

SeoRep Analysis

SeoRep's various functions include: CTR analysis, image analysis, comparison of Brand and non-Brand traffic, Forecast Analysis, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Search Volumes, and more.

In addition, it is possible to analyze uil site by macro areas thanks to the Sematic Analysis section.

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Pasquale Maresca

Digital Manager at Sembox (Eskimoz group)

Pasquale Maresca

Digital Manager at Sembox (Eskimoz Group)

Agostino Maresca

Digital Manager at Sembox (Eskimoz Group)

Agostino Maresca

Digital Manager at Sembox (Eskimoz Group)

PDF Solutions to Report

makes it easy to build PDF reports from scratch. You'll be able to communicate the results of a website audit, present a competitive analysis, or show progress after a marketing campaign. Integrate modules from Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, Google Ads and any screenshots and images of your own to make the perfect reports for your business.

  1. Create reports from scratch or suggested templates.
  2. Create branded and white-label customizable reports.
  3. Schedule automatic email delivery.
  4. Easy for both one-time reports and recurring reports.

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